What If I’m Ordinary?

What if I’m ordinary? I watched a short video featuring Brene Brown recently. She explained that she believes, based on her data, that we live in a culture of scarcity. It looks something like this: *I’m not good enough *I’m not smart enough. *I’m not pretty enough. *I’m not certain enough. *I’m not extraordinary enough. [...]

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So I had an anxiety attack.

Social media presents a problem. What we share is perceived either superficial or too negative. Too real. I've decided to be transparent with you, my followers ❤ Last week was exhausting, overwhelming and difficult. My husband and I crammed a ton of activity into a short period of time. We had fun but it left [...]

Cut the Cord

Man, I've heard it all. I'm too loud.🤐 I'm too much.🤯 I talk too much.🤬 I'm too sensitive.🥺 I'm clumsy.🤕 An outsider.👽 I didn't fit in. 🤪 My 7, 10, 13, 16 and 18 year old self heard these statements, committed them to some kind of concrete memory as truth. I was just a little [...]

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I’m not sure if I should be quoting lyrics from Rod Stewart or daydreaming about an upcoming event.  While I’m singing this song right now (you’re welcome), I have been doing some reflecting on anticipation. The dictionary defines anticipation as expectation or prediction.  A very simple and straightforward definition.  But it lacks something. What I’ve [...]

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The Chase

  I know all the incessant questions.  They go something like this: Do I have enough?  I’m afraid I don’t. Will it run out?  What if it does? Can I count on (it, you, that) to fulfill my needs? Will I get my share? Do I measure up? Do you like me? Am I mediocre? [...]

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