So I had an anxiety attack.

Social media presents a problem. What we share is perceived either superficial or too negative. Too real. I've decided to be transparent with you, my followers ❤ Last week was exhausting, overwhelming and difficult. My husband and I crammed a ton of activity into a short period of time. We had fun but it left [...]


I’m not sure if I should be quoting lyrics from Rod Stewart or daydreaming about an upcoming event.  While I’m singing this song right now (you’re welcome), I have been doing some reflecting on anticipation. The dictionary defines anticipation as expectation or prediction.  A very simple and straightforward definition.  But it lacks something. What I’ve [...]

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    I was once asked a very simple question from a mentor,  “Ami, would you rather be an egg or a bouncy ball?”  I was confused.  What do those things have to do with me? Disappointment, overwhelm, anger, sadness, resentment are feelings that are anything but positive.  Obviously we experience all of them as [...]

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